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Estate Planning

Some advantages of using Higher Ground for estate planning are:

  • Our experienced tax attorneys provide tax advice relating to estate planning, throughout the process

  • Because of the close partnership between Higher Ground Financial Group and Higher Ground Legal, our team understands how retirement income planning, risk management, and tax strategies fit into a proper estate plan, so you won't have to utilize multiple firms in order to get proper answers to your questions

  • Deed preparation is included in our estate planning packages (many law firms charge separately for this, if they do it at all)

Our focus at Higher Ground is to help reduce or eliminate risk, fees and taxes.  In the world of estate planning, this means to craft proper documents that help minimize risks of going through probate, avoid fights and disagreements among your heirs, and reduce liability.  It also means we will work to help ensure you and your heirs pay as little tax as legally possible, so that the money you worked so hard for does not go to the government.  We also work on flat fees for estate planning so that even if we need to take extra time to get all the documents just right for you, there is no concern about being charged extra.

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Contact us today to learn more about Estate Planning!

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