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For Pathological Savers

Are you a "pathological saver"?

Have you been carefully saving and budgeting your entire life, and are afraid to start spending and enjoying the money in retirement?  You are not alone.  Many of our clients have had a hard time psychologically switching from "saving mode" to "spending mode."  It is a mindset shift.  First of all you need to determine if you indeed do have enough money to retire comfortably, or maybe even to increase your spending in retirement.  We can help you put together an income plan to help address the three "retirement killers "(Risk, Fees, and Taxes) to help you achieve your retirement goals.

If you would like to discuss strategies to help change your mindset from saving to spending once you are retired, we also have coaching programs to help you "practice spending money," whether that is on vacations, gift giving, charitable work, other experiences, or anything else you can dream of.

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